A Little Bit Of Motivation


Lyrics that seem to pick me up at my lowest almost always. Not my words just my go to song!

“Carry on my wayward son,

There’ll be peace when you are done,

Lay your weary head to rest,

Don’t you cry no more.”

Headphones on, music blasting. Brushes off dust and soldiers on.

In The Fringes Of My Memory


Just another one in the fringes of my memory. Were we friends? For a while I did believe we were.

She was hurtful, a bully. She was someone I knew, someone I didn’t reach out to. I didn’t know how, I couldn’t. She did after all push me away.

What then explains this hollow feeling? The potential of what could have been. The fact that she now will only be in the fringes of my memories. But, in death as she took her last leap she left behind a lesson of courage for me. And for that I will forever be in her debt.

Goodbye friend, see you on the other side.

Writers Unblock


It’s been 4 years since my last post. Where have I been? Working! Developing concepts & characters. Writing scripts & dialogues for a living has been very fulfilling. 7 years on, this doesn’t seem to be enough. With little to no time to write about things that come naturally to me,I’ve decided to make the time. After all, you have just this one life to live & there’s’s no time and space for regrets.

Now that I’ve put this out there, there’s no turning back! Also, experimenting with a new style of writing, something I have 0 experience with is ROVE. I’ll be putting something new up every week on both my blogs at least once a week.

Have a look at my travel blog here: https://roveofficial.wordpress.com/