Paradise has been the source of a large number of man’s musings. It is some how the central obsession of everything a person does; “If I’m rich and successful I’d be happy”, “If I have a family I’d be happy”, “If I’m independent and free I’d be happy”. Paradise IS the grounds of all human values from sin to passion. “Be honest and you’ll find paradise, be sinful and you’ll find hell”. So what is paradise? What exactly are we pursuing? 

What if paradise doesn’t exist?  What if paradise is just a moment, not a place? Paradise could possibly just be a moment, the happiest you’ve ever the been. Where the essence of your soul is bright, burning and strong.What if it’s just that moment and it’s memory, that becomes a driving force to a pursuit of such moments.

Now consider this: What if you get only one such moment in your lifetime.What if you’ve already lived your paradise and didn’t even know? Live, laugh and dream, king size; after all no one alive has ever mapped out the road to paradise.



I didn’t know him. I barely even spoke to him. I know his history, I’ve heard of his sins.I didn’t love him, neither was he worth my hate.

He’s just been a presence. Around and about, just a mysterious haze. A visit once a year, a hello once in a while. Disconnected and disjointed, like a flower to its root.

Surprisingly, in his death I did shed a tear. As he lay there lifeless, I couldn’t help but think ; What if we knew each other? What if we tried to care? Would we have liked each other? Did we miss the boat, did we loose the opportunity? Of knowing one another, of being there.

We’ll never know what we could have been. We’ll never know an alternative reality. But, in your death I would like you to know, I wish we had just tried.